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Client Charter

We will provide professional and quality engineering expertise services in the planning, design and implementation of water resource management programs and hydrological management of floods, rivers, coasts and drainage through integrated river basin management (IRBM). Our services will be based on the best engineering practices with regard to water security, economic and social environmental sustainability.

In performing the following duties and functions, we pledge to:

1. Give an initial response to any complaints or public inquiries regarding flood, river, beach and drainage problems within two (2) working days and feedback on the method of resolution within fifteen (15) working days.

2. Provide forecasts and flood warnings 3 hours ahead.

3. Provide technical comments on complete applications for EIA, land development and development, land use redemption for the housing, commercial industry and agriculture sectors within one (1) month.

4. Provide information to customers within seven (7) working days.

  • Hydrological Information
  • Hazard Map / Flood Map
  • River Basin Information
  • GIS data
  • Coastal Zone Data