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The Department’s Development Projects Are Much Focused On Flood Management Projects To Create A Comfortable And Flood-Free Environment. In addition to that, this department implements projects to improve rivers under the River Basin Management Program.

This department also plays a role in control and prevention efforts by providing advisory services in the field of natural drainage to each land development project to ensure that the planned development does not cause drainage problems that may contribute to the possibility of flooding.

The Sea Reclamation Project and Coastal Erosion Control Project Under Coastal Zone Engineering Also Play A Role In Conserving Port Dickson’s Coastline To Guarantee The Comfort Of The Tourism Sector.

The Role of Hydrology in Carrying Out the Work of Collecting and Collecting Hydrological Data From Lebathujan Stations, Water Level, Evaporation, Suspended Deposits and River Water Quality Also Makes a Great Contribution.

In the field of Irrigation, the Department has provided Infrastructures for Irrigation Schemes, Rehabilitation of Abandoned Paddy Land Areas Under the MOA Inc. Program, Rehabilitation of Fish Ponds and Shrimp Farming.