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Is JPS responsible for tap water problems?

JPS is not responsible for your domestic or industrial water supply because JPS is only responsible for irrigation water supply for farmers/farmers. Please contact the relevant authorities such as the State Water Works Department, Public Works Department or the appropriate water company / water board responsible for the water supply in your area.

Who should I complain to about local drainage problems or flash floods?

JPS and also local authorities are responsible for drainage. In general, the local authorities are responsible for the construction and maintenance of the local drainage system which is mainly the main drainage and secondary drainage. DPS is responsible for rivers that may flow within and outside local authority areas. Flooding caused by blocked ditches and sewers falls under the responsibility of local authorities. Floods caused by ditches and rivers overflowing due to insufficient capacity are usually the responsibility of the DPS. If in doubt please contact the PRO of the nearest JPS office. JPS has a PRO office in each state.

Can anyone apply to use land designated as "River Reserve"?

In general, JPS does not encourage applications to use our river reserve because we need to enter it at any time for emergency repair work and also for river maintenance. However, we may consider certain applications on a case-by-case basis.

How can I request a pedestrian bridge?

JPS often receives requests to build pedestrian bridges or light traffic bridges for the convenience of local residents. Please write a letter to the PRO JPS of the relevant state office. When writing to the PRO please include your phone number as well.

How can I contact JPS if I want to submit any feedback, suggestions and complaints?

JPS Negeri Sembilan – 06 7659671