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Corporate Information


Leading of National Water Resource Management and Engineering Expertise Services


Providing Engineering Expertise Services & Water Resources Management including River Basin Management, Coastal Zones and Flood & Drought Management in an integrated manner to improve the quality of life of the people by ensuring Water Security and Environmental Sustainability


"Jayakan Perkhidmatan Sempurna"

Corporate Value

"Doing The Right Things and Doing Things Right" dengan Kualiti, Integriti & Prihatin

JPS Function

1. Implementation of Planning and Development of Flood and Drought Forecasting System, Hydrological Data and Information Management and Evaluation and National Water Resources Management.

2. Planning Development and River Basin Management.

3. Improve Infrastructure Planning and Development as well as Water Management for Crops and other Agricultural Needs.

4. Development of Planning and Management of Flood Mitigation Program.

5. Implementation of Coastal Zone Development and Management to Reduce Coastal Erosion and Sediment Problems in River Estuaries.

6. Managing and Regulating the Implementation of the Rainwater Management Program in Urban Areas.