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Long Term Plan To Overcome Recurring Flash Floods In Johol

SEREMBAN – The Negeri Sembilan government through the Negeri Sembilan Land and Mines Office (PTGNS) has implemented a long-term solution to overcome the problem of flash floods so that they do not recur in the Johol area, Kuala Pilah.

Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Aminuddin Harun (PH-Sikamat) said, based on the results of the Negeri Sembilan Government Meeting on June 21, it had agreed to reciprocate the results from extracting, moving and transporting rock materials and river maintenance and conservation works .

“It is with a method without involving costs or government allocations that will be implemented by the Negeri Sembilan Irrigation and Drainage Department (JPSNS).

“This method is through direct appointment or direct negotiation by state finance officers to state government subsidiaries. This ‘fast track’ approval is subject to maintenance or conservation works on rivers or ponds for specific cases only,” he said.

He said this in response to an oral question by Johol assemblyman Saiful Yazan Sulaiman (BN-Johol) at the Fourth (Budget) Session, Fifth Term of the 14th Negeri Sembilan State Legislative Assembly (DUN) here on Tuesday.

Aminuddin explained, the area identified as flooded due to overflowing river water is Rumah Rakyat Kuala Johol which is close to the clash between Sungai Johol and Sungai Jelai.

“Currently the JPNS does not recommend dredging this river because the bed of the river has Batu Hampar. In the event of a flash flood in this area, residents will be moved to the flood evacuation center in the council.”

“This administration also took immediate action on the flash flood complaints that occurred in the Johol area. For flood mitigation planning, the Kuala Pilah District and Land Office and the DPS always conduct investigations and help apply for allocations for bridge repair work and river maintenance in the village area.

“Applications for the construction and upgrading of an effective drainage system in Johol have also been made through the allocation of P57 and the application is now under consideration,” he said.

He said that the state government always monitors and prepares in case hot spot areas are hit by flash floods, especially during the North East Monsoon (MTL) season.

In the meantime, Aminuddin also explained that the Kuala Pilah District JPS also implemented a number of short-term plans, including the channelization of Sungai Jelai and other related works in Kampung Air Taling, Mukim Johol, which were fully completed on 11 August last, amounting to RM72,730 .

“In addition, there is work to build the bank retaining structure (Gabion) of Sungai Johol as well as other related work in Kampung Pasit, Mukim Johol was also fully completed on September 2, amounting to RM84,102,” he said.