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E-Penyertaan Policy

The website of the Negeri Sembilan Department of Irrigation and Drainage (JPS Negeri Sembilan) has progressed a step further to provide an accurate policy for the people to clarify the rules and guidelines of their participation on the Website.

JPS Negeri Sembilan welcomes you to visit this administration website. We value the use of the tools we provide through our website. JPS Negeri Sembilan depends on your valuable participation and contribution to develop programs and two-way communication.

In an effort to provide you with the latest information and the opportunity to participate in the development process and improve our services, the JPS Negeri Sembilan website uses several tools to improve two-way communication, namely through feedback and polls. In addition, this website allows interaction in social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Therefore, JPS welcomes all objective and constructive discussions on the website while preserving publication rights. We urge our visitors to comply with the following:

  1. Avoid discussing political issues.
  2. Use appropriate language.
  3. Correct usage in English or Bahasa Malaysia.