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DID is not responsible for your domestic or industrial water supply since DID is only responsible for irrigation water supply for the farmers. Please contact the relevant authorities such as State Water Works Department, the Public Works Department  or the appropriate water company / water board which is responsible for water supply in your area.

Both DID and the appropriate local authority are responsible for drainage. In general the local authority is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the local drainage system which is mainly of trunk  drains and secondary drains.  DID is responsible for the rivers which may flow within and outside the local authority areas. Floodings caused by choked drains and culverts fall under  the responsibility of the local authority. Floodings cause by overspilling of drains and rivers due to inadequate capacity is normally the responsibility of DID. In case of doubt please contact the nearest PRO office of DID. DID has PRO office in each state

MSMA is a comprehensive manual issued by Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) Malaysia in 2000. It is a how-to-do-it guide on ho Urban Drainage should be practiced in Malaysia. MSMA stands for “Manual Saliran Mesra Alam” (Manual for Environmentally friendly drainage).

In general DID does not encourage application to use our river reserves because we need the access any time for emergency repair works as well as for river maintenance. However, we may consider certain applications on a case by case basis.

DID often receives request to construct footbridges or light traffic bridges for the convenience of the local residents. Please write to the PRO of the relevant DID state office. When writing to PRO please include your telephone number as well.

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